Searching for Emojis on Your iPhone

I’m always impressed by the fun and unique emojis people add to their text messages, Instagram posts and Tweets. I am pretty much limited to the thumbs up ??, love happy face ?, exasperated/disappointed face ?and tongue sticking out while winking ?emojis, which I used often and pop up as “Frequently Used.” Trying to find specific emojis like tacos, beer and poop has always been too time consuming because I had to scroll through many emojis to try to find the one I am looking for. I usually give up because I can’t find it.

On a Mac computer, you can use the Control+Command+Space bar to open up the emoji keyboard and search. (The search bar is at the top of the keyboard).

Emoji Keyboard on Mac

It might not be life changing or mind blowing, but I finally looked up ways to search for specific emojis on an iPhone. It turns out, simply typing the word in a text message will now offer an option under above the keyboard if a relevant emoji exists (you need to have the Emoji keyboard installed. Here is how to do add the emoji keyboard).

Search for emojis on iophone

Another option is to add the Google Keyboard (Gboard) to your phone. I added this keyboard a while ago and like using it because the space bar lets you dictate text (even in an email). It also has more advanced emoji searches, with two options for accessing them: The smiley face button next to the space bar and the search icon above the “Y.”

search for emoji on iphone with Gboard
GBoard Keyboard from Google has some useful features.

The square face/search actually offers a search for emojis, gifs and more.

search for emoji on iphone with Gboard
The GBoard search offers easy insertion of emojis, stickers and gifs.

Now that you know how to more easily search for emojis, you can have more fun and impress your friends with your texts, Tweets and Instagram posts! ??????

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