Favorite Podcasts for Life, Work and WordPress

I was at a gathering recently where the topic of Podcasts came up. Like many people, I am a podcast junkie and have some favorites I listen to daily, weekly or frequently. It’s always fun to share favorites so I put together a list.

I also started using Stitcher to listen to and manage podcasts. Previously, I was using Overdrive, as the Apple Podcasts app used to freeze up on me and I had to delete it and re-add it to get it to pull down episodes sometimes. This year I am trying to use my Amazon Alexa Echo Dot more. It integrates with Stitcher and I really like the interface and ability to create lists by topic to make it easier to find what I am looking for or in the mood for (Overdrive has this list making ability as well, but I never took the time to use it).

I discovered a few new WordPress Podcasts while adding podcasts to my list in Stitcher. There is no way there is enough time to keep up with this list! It’s worth sharing, and below I list my favorites.

Tara's list of podcasts
There is no way I can keep up and listen to all of these podcasts!

My Favorite Podcasts

The Daily
This podcast from The New York Times is a good news source with a daily, in-depth story. It’s only about 30 minutes, so a good way to start the day while walking my dog!

The Moth
This is my favorite podcast to listen to for entertainment. Sometimes the stories make me laugh, sometimes they make me cry. This is one of my favorite “cry” stories from this podcast https://themoth.org/stories/goldie-the-goldfish. And this is a good one for a laugh!

Hallway Chats
I’m a little biased on this one, as I am one of the hosts! While it is listed under WordPress, because we chat with people who use WordPress, it is not really about WordPress. We talk to our guests about success and meet people who are not “famously successful” but who are successful in their own way.

The Matt Report
Matt Madeiros always has interesting guests, discussing WordPress but also entrepreneurial topics and tips.

Smart Web Creators
Davinder Singh Kanth hosts this podcast which gets into more technical, nuts and bolts aspects of building websites and running a business.

Get Options
This “irreverant” show is one I look forward to every week to make me laugh and also learn some things about what is happening in the WordPress world. The hosts, Kyler Maurer and Adam Silver don’t take it too seriously but address some good questions facing WordPress professionals. Adam also hosts the Kitchen Sink WP Podcast, which is a “short and sweet” overview of things happening in WordPress and often mentions some good tips and tools.

AWE Podcast
My friends Karen Bate and Evelyn Powers started this as a weekly local radio show focusing on women entrepreneurs in their networking group, Awesome Women Entrepreneurs. They turned it into a podcast, while continuing the live weekly radio show. It’s inspiring to listen to stories from amazing women who run their own businesses.

Find Time For Podcasts

I wish there were more hours in the day for listening to podcasts. I plug my phone in the car and listen when driving, and also when running or working out at the gym. It can be overwhelming, and podcasts can become or introduce more “shiny objects” to manage. While I can’t keep up with all of them, when I do listen I feel smarter, more productive or just a bit more inspired to live life more fully.

What are your favorite podcasts?

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