How many times have you said there are not enough hours in a day?

I work for myself.
My time is my own.
So why am I always working?
Will I ever make enough money to slow down?
How can I be more productive?

Does this sound like you?

It's not easy being your own boss. But if, like me, you have chosen to be an entrepreneur, chances are you have realized that the benefits outweigh these potential downsides.

I love working for myself.


But sometimes I dream about having a day job I can leave at the office.



Tara Claeys

Working for yourself can be a challenge.
While it can offer flexibility, freedom and empowerment,
self-employment can also mean:

  • Less job/income security without a steady paycheck
  • A lack of accountability for business goals
  • Little or no collaboration with peers
  • Lack of confidence and awareness of best practices
  • Loneliness when working alone most of the time
  • A never-ending list of things to do

The key to being a happy entrepreneur is developing productive habits and finding tools and tricks to make life easier.

Let me share ...

Work Smarter Not Harder

I love sharing ideas, suggestions, tools and tips on being more productive and running a WordPress website agency or small/solo business. I frequently read about and practice new ways to be more efficient and effective at serving my clients and operating my business. Whether it is a digital tool to help with productivity, a strategy to enhance the services I offer my clients, or a WordPress plugin that will improve the performance of the websites I create, sharing information with you is a way for me to document my progress as a business owner, while helping others who may be on the same path.

Want to learn from my successes and failures?
Do you like digital tools and processes for business owners?
Are you obsessed with productivity? 

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